Mammoth Dog Bed Review

Mammoth Dog Bed Review

Mammoth Dog Bed Review

When looking for accessories for your dog, you only want the best! It’s not hard to figure that out. What may be a bit difficult is figuring out which accessories truly are the best. With so many choices out there it can be difficult to choose between all the brands, materials, and colors. Some people swear by a product and others say it is the worst thing they have purchased in a long time. Therefore, I have bought the Mammoth large oblong bed and am going to give an extensive review on the expensive product before you go out and spend your money on it!

When first glancing at the product all you really notice is the beige material and the large size of the bed. It would hardly fit into the crate I had gotten. It is a cushion material that almost felt as ice as my bed when I applied the weight of my hand. True, the item was an impulse buy at the time but I figured my dog would enjoy it if nothing else. So, with all this in mind I decided to buy the bed. My dog was weary of it at first, just like any dogs would be of a new item. He sniffed at it quite a bit and he didn’t really want to lay on it when it was bought but once he did he didn’t get back up for a while!

The bed has so many good things going for it! For one the material it is made from is soft but has a thin layer underneath the skin of the material to keep your dog from getting through it! Another positive about the item is just how much my dog loved it! He doesn’t sit on anything else anymore. He has been walking a bit better and it is because of how supportive the bed is to his bones and joints!
The negative, though few and far between, have been noted. The first thing about this bed is the enormous price tag. It retails for about two hundred and sixty U.S dollars in store. Another issue is that the bed is washable, but it takes quite a bit of effort to do so. But when you do, it comes up looking new and realize it wasn’t that bad, just a quality dog bed.

All in all, if you are willing to put in the money, the bed is most defiantly worth the price tag that you put on it. It will last years for your dog and you will constantly find your dog enjoying the bed instead of your furniture. The mammoth large oblong bed is a purchase I have never regretted and it is something I would recommend to others without any hesitation!

Mammoth Large Oblong Review
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3 thoughts on “Mammoth Dog Bed Review

  1. Had my Mammoth beds from Mammothoutlet for over 6 six years now I believe. They are the only thing my dog will sleep on and not on my bed anymore. So glad I found them and they wash up looking new every time. So worth the money…my dog loves it and so do I…

  2. Mammoth outlet really delivers and Jackie at live chat helped me pick out my dogs bed. I have washed it a few times already and comes out new. My dog really enjoyes it as he spends most of his time on it and I love that. Will be a repeat customer..that is if I need another as this is going to last a long time. Thanks Mammoth, you guys really are the best.

  3. I bought a Mammoth large oblong dog bed from mammoth outlet for my Golden Retriever for Christmas, and I could barely get it out of the box before she claimed it as her own. So much for trying to hide it under the Christmas tree. The bed arrived in 3 days, plenty of time before Christmas, and she has been in the bed ever since, nestled in with her favorite toy. Best Christmas gift ever. I highly recommend, fabrics are great and easy to remove for washing too!

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