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Large Dog Beds


Why Your Dog Needs A Large Dog Bed

Many times, when someone decides to buy a large dog, they don’t think about what it all entails. Just like having a child, dogs need love, attention, and dedication. They are a huge responsibility and it isn’t something to be taken lightly. They need and deserve the necessities that we have and one of those necessities include a large dog bed. It may seem a little frivolous but there have been many studies and the results have shown us just exactly why our canines need them.

There are so many reasons your dog should have a bed! For one, a bed of their own gives them something to claim as their own. It is so important that they have this, especially because large breeds have the tendency to get territorial at times. They sometimes will mark an area in the house as theirs, though this happens very rarely. Having a bed of their own can sometimes help them with this. It also helps any kind of hair or fur from sticking onto other furniture because they have bed to lay on. This is such a blessing for many pet owners!

Another reason that your dog needs a large dog bed is because of the health benefits. One of the many questions your vet will often ask, especially if your dog is having any joint problems, is if you have provided your dog with a suitable place to sleep. Just like humans, it is terrible for a dog to sleep on the hard floor! Many problems can arise from it such as arthritis and wobbling syndrome. A large bed will also keep your pet warm when it’s cold. What many owners don’t understand is that during the winter, or the coldest time of year, many dogs will seek to burrow in couches and beds. It is not because they are acting up, but it is because they are freezing cold. A large bed for them to sink into will help this.

A bed also helps a pet get the required sleep they need without being disturbed! A dog needs 14 to 20 hours of sleep a day and it is even more when they are a puppy. That is a lot of sleep! It is essential to make sure that they get this sleep that they so desperately need to thrive in their environment. If they don’t then they could act out in disrespectful ways that include jumping on furniture, using the bathroom in the house, and an overall irritability that is displeasing to most owners. Getting a bed will help them calm down as more sleep becomes possible.

As I am sure you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy your dog a large bed! A smaller bed wouldn’t do all the things that a larger one would provide for your dog. By buying a large dog bed you are giving your furry friend what he needs and deserves while making your life easier in the run of things!